What to expect

Swimming Fees and Payments

Bank Details:

Send us an email at admin@aquafinatics.co.za or send us a message via WhatsApp to 084 261 0071 for our bank details.

Annual Registration Fee:

  • R160 – Annual Registration fee payable at the beginning of each year – includes a branded T-Shirt or Swimcap.
  • Registration Fee is still payable if you enrol later in the year.

Option 1:

15 min (one-on-one) lesson once per week: R1200 per school term.

Option 2:

15 min (one-on-one) lesson twice per week: R1800 per school term.

Option 3:

Twice a week: R1200 per school term.
Pay for own entries into the facility (Enquire with Erika for more information)
Transport available from our Pool to Newton Park and back: R300 per month.


Caps and Goggles

We do sell caps and goggles if you need to purchase these items.

Caps: R80 (normal) & R100 (long hair)
Goggles: R180

Cell: 084 261 0071
Email: erika@aquafinatics.co.za, or admin@aquafinatics.co.za
Address: 3 Kehl Avenue, Lorraine, Port Elizabeth, 6070