Learn to swim Lessons

Learn to swim & stroke correction from 2 years onward

  •  Fully enclosed heated pool.
  • One on one lessons.
  • Transport to and from lessons

Swimming South Africa Registered Instructors with 16 years experience.

About Us

Who is Aquafinatics?

Aquafinatics is an exclusive swimming school run by the Scheepers family who has a love and passion for swimming. 

At Aquafinatics, we understand swimming and we sure understand children. Erika and her family has been involved in swimming since 1994 and has a love for teaching this important life skill. Not only for fitness but as a vital and life saving skill.

Our Classes

Services we provide

We teach water safety

We teach young children water safety and how to swim from 2 years onward.

Stroke Correction

We coach older children and adults to improve their swimming technique.


The benefits of swimming


Meet Our Coach

Erika Scheepers

Erika Scheepers


  • Qualified SSA Registered Instructor.
  • 16 years of coaching experience.
  • Eastern Province representative on a National level for swimming and life-saving.


Where are we situated


What People Are Saying

(Reviews posted by happy clients on our Facebook page.)

We can very highly recommend Erika. She coached my daughter for a number of years and transformed her into a competitive swimmer with an absolute love for the sport.

She also coached my younger daughter and was instrumental in teaching her how to swim properly.

Erika possesses exceptional talent when it comes to working with children. To this day she still encourages my daughters when she sees them at galas. Your child’s swimming education is in good hands. “

Iwan De Beer


“Erika taught me to swim at the age of 45. I never thought I’d ever have the guts to do this. I cannot put in words what you’ve done for me, Erika Scheepers! I love swimming and without you, I would never have had this pleasure. You believed in me, you encouraged me and above all, you had patience with me. Thank you so much for what you’ve done for me. I will cherish this gift of swimming. ”
Eleanore Raubenheimer‎


Absolutely brilliant. Best swimming academy! Not only is Erika the best instructor, the children love her as they can sense she is living her dream. Proud to be part of Aquafinatics Swimming Academy 💙.”

Rochelle Heunis


We were truly blessed to have Erika as a coach to the Norris family.

She started with my son when he was only 4 years old, screaming toddler transformed to love for the water through determination. He still loves the water and the sport with support from his coaches and team and now 14 years old.

She taught my husband to swim at the age of 43 and encouraged me to go back to Masters racing in 2017, what an experience – thanks for that push out my comfort zone.

Lizelle Norris


“Could not ask for a better coach than Erika.”
Pearl York


Erica is an excellent swimming coach. She builds a good relationship with the kids which makes them at ease when in the water, especially the ones that are afraid of the water. She encourages and gives the kids the confidence they need when in the water.

She does not only focus on the swimming part but also being safe in the water.

My daughter absolutely loves going to her swimming lessons and the confidence she gained in the water in a short period of time is remarkable.

Thank you, Erica, for doing such an amazing job with the kids 👍🏻.”

Marisna van Zyl


“It’s been a wonderful experience.”
Heidi Scholz


“I have known Erika Scheepers for many years. Brilliant swimming coach and such a kind person.”
Lise De Bruin Keech


Cell: 084 261 0071
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Address: 3 Kehl Avenue, Lorraine, Port Elizabeth, 6070